Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fair Warning Tuesday

Fair Warring Tuesday foreclosures on Maui Hawaii held at the court house Hoapili Hale in Wailuku Big day to day 7 foreclosures and 39 postponements get a hold of me if you want more info on Maui Hawaii foreclosures

In attendance today were the usual suspects, such as John, three attorneys, one HOA, myself and 22 public attendees, a larger crowd then normal.

Seven properties were auction off, one bankruptcy, three cancellations and thirty nine postponed

Wow what a mad house, look at the list of the postponements! There were another 9 on the back side of these public postings. This is getting over whelming and consuming my day, I may cut back on the cross referencing and go straight forward with action to the lien holder. Get a hold of me anytime and we can talk about the foreclosure auction on Maui. Aloha

Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Foreclosure Friday On Maui

Aloha Friday or Foreclosure Friday
Today up at Hoapili Hale it was real busy five Realtors, three loan officers, several attorneys, three auctioneers were all there and about 15 bidders, by far the busiest day I have seen at the court house steps in quit awhile on the island of Maui. Lets start with the postponements, there were 30 + postponed foreclosures. The only one I was interested in was 8 Maunaleo street in Wailuku, this has been postponed, that's a sweet house. It's currently listed MLS#338278 with Rex Kriekenbeek of Realty Executives of Maui, a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 2279 square feet of living space built in 2005 this is one to watch.

  • The following nine properties were foreclosed upon by the lien holders.

  1. 84 Makia loa questionable whether this was a fair warning or not it was auction offed by a rookie, the bank took it back @ $580K questionably
  2. 167 Lower Waiehu Beach road was foreclosed upon @ $587K
  3. 5 iris Place was foreclosed upon @ $544K
  4. 37 Kamakoa loop was foreclosed upon @ $589K
  5. 15 Kulananihakoi st Apt 84 Haleakala Gardens was foreclosed upon @ $193K
  6. 52 Walaka Street apt#? was foreclosed upon @ $230167.43
  7. 2781 Leolani Place was foreclosed upon @ $255K this is a deal
  8. 2110 Kahekili highway or 71 Wilipohaku was foreclosed upon @ $355,663.01 I like the one penny action
  9. 43 Hoomoku Loop was foreclosed upon @ $425K

288 Kaiwahine was canceled.

Wow Aloha Friday or Foreclosure Friday

Fair Warning.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fair Warning Foreclosure Maui Hawaii

Fair Warning
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Fair warning Wednesday foreclosure auction at the court house steps Wailuku Maui

So Felicia danced over us with just some clouds and lite rains tossing some Kona winds around, yet it back to business as usual.
Up at Haopili Hale we saw just attorneys, John, Jimi and I.

Today there were four postponements see attached photo

there was only one foreclosure a South Pointe unit 17-103 was foreclosed upon by the lien holder for $94277.00

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fair Warning Tuesday

Fair Warning Tuesday Foreclosure Wailuku Maui Hawaii

Even in the face of storm, the looming slow brooding character of Felicia; the hurricane, the attorneys, John from Na Hale O Maui and I all showed up to face the court in auction foreclosures from the steps of Hoapili Hale Today Tuesday the 11th 2009

there were nine postponedments of foreclosures today

The following property were foreclosed upon today by the mortgage holder
1) 636 Kainalu place Wailuku foreclosed by the lien holder at $360,000
2) 2900 Hana Highway Haiku foreclosure my the lien holder at $685312
3) 1450 South Kiehi Road C-102 Maui Gardens foreclosed upon y the lien holder HSBC Bank $249750

Come rain or shine I guess the mortgage companies are going to take back whats behind.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Public Auction Fair Warning Monday - Wailuku Maui Hawaii Foreclosures

Public Auction
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Fair Warning Monday - Wailuku Maui Hawaii Foreclosures

With the hurricane looming, slowly creeping upon us I think the county is playing it safe this morning. At 10:33am there were no foreclosures listed for Monday August 10th 2009. At noon when I went up to the county building there were two postponements. The following foreclosures have been postpone.
1) 450 South Kihei Road #E-101 Kihei, HI 96753
2) 60 Puaina Place Makawao, HI 96768

I talked with a county worker and they are saying that the pre Hurricane should arrive with high winds starting tonight around 7 or 8 pm
we will know more as the day goes on.

So good news for the Foreclosure owners they get another day of postponement. Mahalo

Fair Warning Monday

Friday, August 07, 2009

Foreclosure postponed

Fair Warning / Foreclosure Friday

Your Foreclosure Expert

Hoapili Hale is where it all happens on the courthouse steps.
There are plenty of Maui foreclosures and they often more then not get postponed.
Kama`aina properties is right down the street, we are walking distance to the auction, I go there everyday @ 11:30 if your interested in a property and want to know just call me 808-820-3442, if your a Broker and it's your listing, just call me and I'll walk up there and let you now if it was postponed or auctioned off. The whole process is interesting and we see the same characters every time, the case handlers, the attorneys, the auctioneers, the investors and the county folks who conduct their business here.

This is the first of a serious of photos that will help to inform you on the Foreclosure process in Wailuku Maui Hawaii