Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fair Warning Tuesday

Fair Warring Tuesday foreclosures on Maui Hawaii held at the court house Hoapili Hale in Wailuku Big day to day 7 foreclosures and 39 postponements get a hold of me if you want more info on Maui Hawaii foreclosures

In attendance today were the usual suspects, such as John, three attorneys, one HOA, myself and 22 public attendees, a larger crowd then normal.

Seven properties were auction off, one bankruptcy, three cancellations and thirty nine postponed

Wow what a mad house, look at the list of the postponements! There were another 9 on the back side of these public postings. This is getting over whelming and consuming my day, I may cut back on the cross referencing and go straight forward with action to the lien holder. Get a hold of me anytime and we can talk about the foreclosure auction on Maui. Aloha


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