Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hammerhead shark sighting closes three Maui beaches

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) _ Three South Maui beaches are closed because of a confirmed shark sighting.

County officials say a hammerhead shark, estimated to be about 6-feet long, was spotted near Kamaole II Beach Park at 7 a.m.

All three Kamaole beaches are closed as ocean safety officials track the movement of the shark, which was last seen heading south.

Russell Sparks, of the state's Division of Aquatic Resources, says hammerheads don't present the same threat as other shark species because they primarily eat fish. But people should still stay away.

Kamaole Beach Park I was closed Sunday evening after a shark was sighted about 10 to 15 feet offshore. The species of the shark could not be confirmed.

Earlier Sunday, Keawakapu Beach was closed after a caller reported seeing a shark.

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