Thursday, October 11, 2007

Senator Fred Hemmings IE: Superferry

Thank you for taking the time to communicate regarding the Superferry. I support the overwhelming majority of Hawaii's people who want and support the Superferry. It is my opinion that the courts have made flawed decisions based on a flawed law. This has happened in the past and the legislature has stepped in to amended laws to protect the peoples' interests. The legislature should make laws—not the courts. Hawaii needs and deserves balanced environmental laws that reasonably protect our natural resources and our economy. In the past, far too many opportunities have been lost to the loudest and often ill-informed protest groups. Hopefully, common sense will prevail this time.

We need an immediate special session of the legislature to amend the law in such a way as to balance the genuine interest of protecting our natural resources and our imperiled economic environment. We must start thinking ahead. Your support in calling for a special session would be most beneficial. We all share the same goal—to protect the beautiful state we live in and to have fair and balanced laws. Thank you for expressing your opinion.


Senator Fred Hemmings
Senate Republican Leader
State of Hawaii



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