Tuesday, May 01, 2007

As 07-07-07 nears, are you feeling lucky?

WAILUKU– With the unique combination of calendar numbers occurring July 7, Mayor Charmaine Tavares said Maui County will hold a “07-07-07 Lucky We Live Maui County” event.

The celebration will include the annual Makawao Paniolo Parade being held on July 7 as one of the events of the Makawao Rodeo.

“We are celebrating Maui County being no ka oi. There is so much that makes living here great,” she said. “07-07-07 is a rarity – just as our county’s spectacular beauty, resources of our land and investment in our islands’ next generation is a rarity that we need to celebrate and preserve.”

The event will include a drawing sponsored by the Maui Farm Bureau of seven prizes to be awarded during the 07-07-07 Lucky We Live Maui County observance.


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