Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dolly Lama Aloha Ha ha Ha

The Dalai Lama is giving a speech in town today at the Memorial Stadium and all of Maui is in a happy mood. We have many visitors from outer islands staying. And there are people from all over the world here. Plus the highest security that Maui has ever seen, secret police, FBI, CIA, home land security, Maui Police and Sheriff , wow, I never saw this island in such a state of alert. the Dalai Lama will be delivering: today “The Human Approach to World Peace.” Admission is free;
On Wednesday, he will deliver a teaching titled “Eight Verses for Training the Mind: A Buddhist Philosophical Discourse,” $20 Admission.

#1 Human Value
#2 Religious Harmony
#3 Position in Humor
#4 I saw the Dali Lama pick his nose
#5 Identity through modern use and times, keeping your native name and tongue, Isolation is suicide.


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