Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Mobius Project -cover Man Who Sold The World

The Mobius Project

I am a fan.

I ran into a band last month called the Mobius Project, they’re young, vibrant and full of promise. It’s been years since I have met a band with such potential. The last time a ran into a band so motivated to play and record was 1995 Melt-Banana from Tokyo Japan. The Mobius Project emote the same energy, and thus creating the same feelings I had for Melt-Banana, they just want to play their music, they’re nice people and they don’t let drugs, drinking and pussy get in the way. They’re not a caliber of band that can play all genres, yet they have uniqueness to them. The guitarist has similarities of Duane Denison physically and musically, though he (Jeremiah Demster) has a long way to go to be as good as Duane, The drummer (Dan Bell) is affluent in raw emotion, his seeds have been planted, now watch him develop into a super drummer, the vocalist (Alison Coffey) has a charm to her in the way of early Blondie and Patty Smith, a feeling of untarnished and boisterous lyrical delivery. This band is worth watching develop, they live together, work together, eat together and play music together. They do everything they are supposed to do. It’s obvious they love what they are doing. This band has a long road ahead of them, originally form the east coast, now settled on south Maui, Kiheiside of the island, I am here to watch and to be a fan. These young folks are going to strike their music message on the world. If there is any band from Maui that I would tell people to check out, give the Mobius Project a listen. They’re going be around our little scene, come out and support them. They’re on Myspace, FaceBook, twitter, youtube. Check them out!

Aloha Jeff