Friday, March 27, 2009

First Friday April 3rd 2009

Aloha ha ha ha Now here is the first Friday to see. The Hawaiians have moved into to old Wailuku and they will be having a blessing, the old Emura jewelery is now going to be two different run Hawaiian shops. One being art, music, tea and Coffee, the other being natural Hawaiian artifacts. This will be the first time the road gets shut down from Main street to Vineyard street. Time to party down on Market street. This is promising to be our best turn out, weather permitting. Sing Sing Laugh Laugh will be playing at the Maui Time Weekly open court yard. You bet were going laugh out loud. The blessing takes place right at 6pm so we'zn going to be real quite until their all pau. The all ages Aloha Poetry Slam will be happening at the food court. Come out and drink and dance, have fun, push your baby around in a stroller, meet and greet the folks you like in old Wailuku.
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