Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aloha Slam all ages poetry @ Gallerie Ha in Wailuku

Gallerie Ha / Aloha Slam postponed until further notice

With great sadness we have to announce that Gallerie Ha in Wailuku will be taking a sabbatical (not known for how long?). The first Fridays have been our passion for the past year and a half. Pat has given many bands (young and old) a chance to play and many guest artist (the Mayor, council members, news writers) a place to express themselves. The first Fridays will continue this is a Maui county community event. Gallerie Ha's level of participation has been halted. The new neighbor has complained about the music and has called the land lord, there was no working out a compromise or a solution. The neighbor had threaten to call the police, call the county and then physical hurt me. I was never once involved in any conversation or communications it's all so silly. Pat has made an executive decision to remove her self from the heated anger of neighbor. There for sharing her art gallery with a friend of hers who will host a woman's dress shop in 2/3 of the shop and Pat will remain the artist, author, curator, play write, poet, singer in the back 1/3 of the Gallery. This is such a disappointing event of violent communications, demands and threats. Pat is talking to the business owners and the Waiuku first Friday association about having Aloha Poetry slam (youth poetry) and bands in another venue. We contemplating a move to Oahu, such an event shows the close minded personalities of a little town. The bands who have played Gallerie Ha have been of all ages, for some of the bands this was the first gig. The Aloha Slam "an all ages poetry slam" had strength and was growing, the teens from Happy Valley and Waikapu were coming around for many months and now they will have lost their plateau of expression. If we could have found a resolution or come to a mutual agreement we would have continued the poetry slam and lite music, there was no compromise on their side. So for now Gallerie Ha will not host any live acts on first Fridays, be that music or poetry, we were order to have no amplification whats so ever, including a PA for spoken word. Our future is uncertain and we need your support, so if you see Pat around town let her know how you feel, if you'd like to write a letter in support please do; you can send it to or and


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