Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aloha ha ha

Aloha ha ha
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Aloha ha ha Everyone I am taking my new group SING SING LAUGH LAUGH to play BOOM FEST in San Francisco California, This will be Boom and my 45th birthday, that's right Boom (46) and I share the same birthday and the day Cliff Burton was killed, so what the heck come out and Laugh with us, Sing with us and celebrate living. Tom Flynn will be playing Guitar and my favorite drumber of the whole wide world will be playing drums; Wade Drive Jr he is currently in the Reaction, check them out. The show is at thee Parkside 16OO 17TH @ Wisconsin street S.F. C.A. 94107. 415-252-1330 call for directions. There's a ton of other bands playing and there will be a party the day before for Boom; so call us and find us and hang out with us. I'll have my cell phone with me 808-280-3442. You don't want to miss Sing Sing Laugh Laugh Pat Masumoto is a great performer and you'll see why I so damn happy these days, Life is a great Big Belly Laugh.

We are bringing a young Man Named Cody Quintana to play guitar in Boom and the Legion of Doom. He is one heck of a guitarist and is so ahead of his time, come check him out, it's totally in the spirit of BLOD to have a young man in the band, the original line include a 11 year old drummer and a 13 years old guitarist.

I am looking forward to having a great time and meeting all of my old and new friends!


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