Sunday, August 10, 2008

Les and Dorthy at Be Happy Paia Maui Hawaii

Maui Singer-songwriters Dorothy Betz, guitarist, and Les Adam, keyboard, have released a DIY (do it yourself) CD called "Drive On."

After pain staking hours days, weeks and years, writing, mixing editing and composing. This Maui Magic Due has released their life blood and hard work efforts. I had the blessing to watch, feel and listen to the new music at a release party at Be Happy (a new local music and art store) in Paia, run by none other then our own lovely Lisa Alo. Dorthy and Les are unique to me, a soul mate team that smile and brim with joy. You can feel the Mana when they play. The first time I met Les; and had a conversation with him, it ran from absurd (Politics to Aliens) to completely absurd, I knew then he is one of us, A Musician. Something I missed about touring, the long drives (Drive On) the conversations, debates and prolific word tossing. It's been just about a year since I met them, I have enjoyed their music and friendship ever since.

In these times of disappointment, economical hardship and WAR we can always escape with entertainment and music. Please by any means visit their web site, listen to their art and unwind. Drive On and enjoy life.

Dorthy and Les have been playing with Vince Esquire at the "Hana Hou Cafe" in Haiku every Wednesday night .... This is a great place to get introduced to their music and have some ono grindz.

Vince Esquire (virtuoso guitarist) plays on this CD and Gary Kubota of Star-Bulletin's Maui writer contirbute lyrics with "Hitchhike Highway"

The songs are available for download at


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