Thursday, April 03, 2008

where are we heading?

Where are we heading these days, the islands of Hawaii, this current time of economical dismay, the war, the rich, the poor, the homeless, the needy, the ultra rich and greedy.
Just a few headlines I have scored, today this morning 8 am.
the inconvenience of a power outage this was like a drill, sort practice of things to come. The future of the numb living, back to the basics.

Just announced ATA is closing it's doors.

Aloha airlines shuts down, 1900 folks with out work. People with bills, mortgages, car payments, medical plans, health issues, Ohana's, children and grand parnets.
"When Aloha first came in, they were responding to the prejudices of the time," Forman said. "They created an airlines that a person of any ethnicity could fly on and feel equally welcome. There are many old timers who still support Aloha for this reason"

Molokai Ranch closes their gates.

Gas is at $4.17 a gallon and we see no relief, Wailuku Maui Hawaii is the highest per medium in the nation.

The federal government is afraid to use the word Recession.
Are we deaf, dumb and blind or just naive?

Time will tell for our little paradise isle that I love and adore.

I live here, love here and belong to her.
It's been a tough week for Hawaii


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