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Jodo Mission Lahaina

Lahaina, which means merciless sun.
12 Ala Moana Street, Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761
The Lahaina Jodo Mission was founded in 1912
the original temple was destroyed in a fire in 1968
Buddhist temple on the beachfront property.

Molokai from Maui
The temple is located on Puunoa Point in Lahaina, the first capital of the Hawaiian Islands
Views of three neighboring islands Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe and the West Maui mountains.
The Great Buddha and the Temple Bell were completed in June 1968
In 1970, the main Temple and Pagoda were built
The present temple grounds have been dedicated to all our ancestors who have passed away.
Visiting the Jodo Mission will help to create and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of Buddhism.
The property is owned by the Lahaina Jodo Mission.

The present temple stands on the exact spot of the former temple building. The new structure was built in 1970 by traditional Japanese carpenters with the help of our members and friends.
Jodo Mission Temple

Inside the temple, five outstanding Buddhist paintings adorn the walls. These were painted in 1974 by the renowned Japanese artist Iwasaki Hajin.

The 12-feet tall copper and bronze statue of Amida Buddha is the largest of its kind outside Japan. It was cast in Kyoto, Japan, from 1967 to 1968, and weighs approximately three and a half tons.

Lahaina Buddha

According to Buddhist legend, when Sakyamuni Buddha entered Nirvana, his body was cremated at Kusinara. Seven of the neighboring rulers, under the leadership of King Ajatasattu, demanded the ashes be divided among them. At first, the king refused their demands and a dispute ensued, threatening to end in war. But a wise man named Dona intervened and the crisis passed. The ashes were divided and enshrined in eight great stupas in India. The ashes of the funeral pyre and the earthen jar that contained the remains were given to two other rulers to be likewise honored. Because of the enshrinements, followers came to worship and pay homage to these stupas, also called pagodas, which later became a symbol of the spiritual image of the Buddha.
Lahaina Temple

At Lahaina Jodo Mission, this bell is rung eleven times each evening at 8 o'clock.

Framed Buddha



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