Sunday, November 18, 2007

Iao Valley

Iao Valley
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A wonderful Hale in Iao Valley for listed at $1,395,000 and it's worth every penny. Because property's do not come up in this area very often. The lush green landscape of the historically rich Iao Valley. This is where King Kamehameha fell in battle. I always feel at peace and a deep sense of spiritual belonging when I visit the iao valley. Theres a quite hush that comes across you as you reach up to the sun and lay eyes on the jagged landscape of the mountains. The cold river water runs and cools the breath of every stressful moment. I used to drive medical vehicles and at the end of the day I would ride my bike into the Iao valley and sit in a deep cold pool of fresh water and pray. I love this land and respect this valley. Make this your respectful home.


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