Monday, June 18, 2007

Haiku Maui Hawaii; Five acres

Haiku Maui Hawaii; Five acres with a 5/8's water meter.

Price is $1,100,00.00 reduced from 1.5
I believe we could get this in escrow for less.
Ready for Subdivision, CPR and or just cut and sale.
Wells have been drilled successfully in this area of Haiku, by Wailani Drilling
FIVE acres and an Historical loving post and pier 1963 plantation house 3 bedroom 1.5 bath.
They are currently Cattle Grazing this property.
There is a small slope in the middle approximately 1.5 acres that easily could be graded and used appropriately.
The house is empty and ready to move in or rent out.
Buy this thing and cut 2 acres off sell the 2 acres for $700,000
Build what ever the you want. House improvements, attached or non attached Cottage, Garage, Barn Tool Shed, Ohana.
$6000 grand a month.
Yet after you sell the 2 acres, then you have a house and three acres for $400,000
I would buy this, this is a smoking deal. If I close two more deals I will buy this piece.


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