Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween on Maui

Halloween on Maui
Halloween last year 2005 I went to the west side of Maui; Lahaina, the Mardi Gras of the islands, it was ok, Not much compared to living in San Francisco, but this year I wanted to stay out of the crowds, So I opt to stay home and hand out candy.
I live in a little suburbia, off of a golf corse, lots of kids, lots of family. We set out the pine casket a few days ago, the porch was a strange place to put it, strange enough we would even have one! I was getting really excited about Halloween, it had been a long while since I just had good old Haunting fun on this night. I ordered the Misfits collection and was listening to Static Age all week. I was feeling reminiscence of Detroits, Devils Night, We used to play there every year in the early 80's. I set up a cassette player with a microphone to play the Evil Dead and haunt, chant and scream through the mic. I was ready!
Earlier that day I was cleaning out a house in Wailuku and I slipped and fell down the stairs, I got hurt real bad, this was a very painful fall. I had to ice my back for hours, I hurt my back, left foot and left hand. I was bummed out, but I didn’t want this to ruin Halloween.

Well the night was fun and we handed out candy, carved a pumpkin, I wore a mask and screamed real pains of Horror at the kids. My favorite scare was when two little boys, Superman and Batman came to the door. I walked through the strobe light real slow, with my black cape and mumbling, I want your blood, and then I screamed into the mic, My girlfriend said do you want to meet the Vampire? They said yes, when The Vampire got to the door, their eyes got as big as marbles and the ran down the stairs. My girlfriend said “hey; wait you forgot your candy!” All in all this was the funniest Halloween in a long time a very long time.
Maui Rocks and is always a great Halloween party.


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